Foie gras
pear chutney, homemade bread

89 CZK

Roast beef from young bull
medium roasted, horseradish mayo,
homemade bread

115 CZK

Tartar of marinated salmon
Bruschetta, lettuce salad,
roasted tomatoes

140 CZK


Beef rib broth
homemade noodles, vegetables in butter

62 CZK

traditional Czech white soup
with potatoes and egg

65 CZK

Other soups by daily offer

Main Courses

Flank beef steak
homemade pasta with basil pesto
and smoked paprika salsa

235 CZK

Veal roll
 semolina gnocchi, ragout of brown mushrooms,
Parmesan crisp

255 CZK

Sous-vide pork tenderloin
larded with bacon, homemade fries,
blue cheese, salad

269 CZK

Sous-vide chicken breast
 Roman pea, pak choi, carrots, zucchini

235 CZK

Sous-vide duck breast
salsify puree, duck cracklings,
grenaille potatoes

265 CZK

Czech dishes

Beef sirloin in cream sauce
with dumplings and cranberries

190 CZK

Duck confit
with turnip cabbage and potato pancakes

240 CZK

Veal steaks
with light potato salad
and mustard dressing

245 CZK

Rabbit on dark beer
braised spinach, semolina gnocchi

229 CZK

Dishes for Kids

Chicken nuggets fried in corn flakes
alternatively natural chicken slice
mashed potatoes

95 CZK

Children sirloin in cream sauce

92 CZK

Vegetarian Dishes and Salads

Perch in butter
cherry tomatoes, basil dressings, lettuce

210 CZK

Caesar salad
with chicken, herb croutons
and Parmesan shavings

169 CZK

Grilled prawns (5 pieces)
with spicy salad, julienne vegetables
and smoked paprika salsa

285 CZK

Fresh grilled smoked Lipinsky cheese
with added roasted vegetables and potatoes

195 CZK

Homemade pasta
with basal pesto and Gran Biraghi cheese

189 CZK


Vanilla panna cotta
with strawberry purée and basal sugar

89 CZK

Pavlova with sour cherries
and salty caramel

89 CZK

And more Desserts by daily offer


Lunch menu for the week from June 17 to June 21, 2019.


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.