From 3 pm we will offer you a choice from the lunch menu.
This will only apply as long as the outdoor terrace is open. Due to possible bad weather.
As soon as we have the opportunity to open the entire restaurant, we will again offer you the entire A la carte menu, which we have prepared for you completely new for the summer season 2021.


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.



Beef roastbeef
homemade muffin, chipotle mayo, pickled vegetables

135 CZK

Delicate rabbit pate
bacon jam, homemade bread, spring onion

135 CZK

Whipped goat cheese
with red beetroot homemade focaccia, sprouts, raddish

125 CZK



egg 63 °C, potatoes, mushrooms

75 CZK

Chicken broth
semilina gnocci, meat, vegetables

70 CZK

Other soups by daily offer


Main Courses

Roast sirloin in creamy sauce
dumplings, lemon, cranberries

260 CZK

Confit duck leg
 kohlrabi cabbage, potato gnocci

275 CZK

Beef diamond steak
young potatoes with pepper, bean pods wrapped
in pancetta, demiglace

380 CZK

Veal maminha sous-vide
 stir-fried späzzle with shallot, bacon and herbs,
confit garlic sauce

310 CZK

Corn chicken supreme
young corn, carrot, potatoes grenaille, parsley oil
245 CZK

Shrimps in garlic and shallot
sepia pasta, cherry tomatoes, basil
300 CZK

Sander fish in poppy crust
semi-mashed potatoes with spinach, red beetroot mousse
295 CZK


Dishes for Kids

Fried chicken schnitzel
semi-mashed potatoes with butte

150 CZK

Roast sirloin in creamy sauce

130 CZK

Sweet blueberry dumpling
butter, sugar, vanilla cream

89 CZK



Pork tenderloin sous-vide
corn salad, baby spinach and raddish,
mairnated potatoes, pink onion, dill crème fraîche

275 CZK

Caesar salad
garlic baguette, Romaine lettuce,
anchovys dressing, Gran Moravia cheese

220 CZK

Caesar salad
 Grilled Lipina cheese
lettuce, fresh vegetables, rapsberry vinaigrette, cashew nuts

240 CZK


Desserts and cheese

Blueberyy cheesecake
with basil sugar

89 CZK

Brownies croquettes from mascarpone
vanilla cream, strawberry purée

89 CZK

Pavlova with whipped cream and fruits
89 CZK

Variation of cheeses on a wooden board
 cranberries, nuts, grapes
250 CZK

Selection of other desserts
according to the current offer


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.