From 3 pm we will offer you a choice from the lunch menu.
This will only apply as long as the outdoor terrace is open. Due to possible bad weather.
As soon as we have the opportunity to open the entire restaurant, we will again offer you the entire A la carte menu, which we have prepared for you completely new for the summer season 2021.


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.



Fine duck liver pate
caramelized onions, almonds, homemade bread

95 CZK

Salmon “Gravlax“
 dill aioli, marinated zuccini, foccacia

120 CZK

Mushroom tartar
 egg yolk emulsion, cheese chips,
homemade bread with confited garlic

95 CZK



Beef rib broth
Späzzle, vegetables

65 CZK

 egg 63 °C, potatoes, mushrooms

70 CZK

Other soups by daily offer


Main Courses

Deer back
rosehip sauce, parsnip puree,
potato croquettes with almonds

330 CZK

Beef Rib eye steak
 homemade pasta, sun - dried tomatoes, garlic,
chili, pancetta, white wine

340 CZK

Pork tenderloin sous-vide
pumpkin gnocchi, mushrooms, shallots, parsley

275 CZK

Duck breast sous-vide
 Smoked mashed potatoes, beets in aged balsamic vinegar,
burnt onions

285 CZK

Fish according to the daily menu
 Yolk cream, black Beluga lentils, garlic,
pumpkin, baby spinach

price according to the current offer


Czech dishes

Sirloin in cream sauce
bread dumplings, lemon, cranberries

220 CZK

Preserved duck leg  
cranberry cabbage, bread dumplings, fried onions

250 CZK

Rabbit leg on black beer
creamy spinach, pumpkin gnocchi

250 CZK


Dishes for Kids

Fried chicken cutlets
mashed potatoes with butter

99 CZK

Roast sirloin in cream sauce

99 CZK

Blueberry sourdough dumpling
butter, sugar

75 CZK


Vegetarian Dishes and Salads

Grilled Lipina cheese
 roasted potatoes, pumpkin puree, cranberries

195 CZK

Homemade pasta
dried tomatoes, garlic, chili, baby spinach,
grated egg yol

199 CZK

Caesar salad
 Chicken breast, herb croutons, anchovy dressing,
Gran Moravia cheese

185 CZK



Poached pear in white wine
wrapped in chocolate with nuts, vanilla cream

89 CZK

Coconut Crème Brûlée
macerated cherries, salted caramel

89 CZK

Selection of other desserts
according to the current offer


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.