Salmon carpaccio
marinated raddish, mustard sauce, dill

130 CZK

Flank steak in coloured peppers
vegetable tartar, garlic toasted bread

125 CZK

Fresh goat cheese
tomato jam, almond, watercress,
lavender reduction

125 CZK



Kulajda with wild mushrooms
potatoes, egg 63 °C

70 CZK

Oxtail broth
root vegetables, meat,
herb dumplings

65 CZK

Other soups by daily offer


Main Courses

Veal maminha steak
confited carrots, peas pods,
grenaille, pepper mayo

295 CZK

Sous-vide pork tenderloin
tree oyster mushroom in carrot butter, mushroom purťe,
dried yolk, roasted bones gravy

279 CZK

Sous-vide duck breast
smoked pepper salsa, herb gnocci,
courgette, marinated shallot

275 CZK

Home-made pasta with prawns
garlic, chilli, sesame, orange, spinach

285 CZK


Czech dishes

Beef sirloin in cream sauce
with dumplings and cranberries, lemon

195 CZK

Pork neck schnitzel
summer potato salad with raddish
and mustard dressing

195 CZK

Duch leg confit
kohlrabi cabbage, marjoram flat bread
on duck fat

250 CZK

Rabbit on dark beer
creamy spinach, herb gnocci

245 CZK


Dishes for Kids

Fried chicken schnitzel
mashed pototoes

99 CZK

Beef sirloin in cream sauce

99 CZK

Sweet dumpling with blueberries
butter, sugar

75 CZK


Vegetarian Dishes and Salads

„Caesar“ salad
chicken breast, anchovy dressing,
grated cheese Gran Moravia, herb croutons

185 CZK

Smoked Lipinsky cheese
cold salad from grilled vegetables,
basil pesto

195 CZK

Wild salmon fillet
lettuce leaves, lemone vinaigrette,
olives, cherry

265 CZK



Pavlova with sour cherries
salted caramel, fruit

85 CZK

Strawberry „Tiramisu“
Italian ladyfingers, strawberry powder

89 CZK

And more Desserts by daily offer


Lunch menu for the week from June 17 to June 21, 2019.


Information about meal weights and allergens is available from staff on request.